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Academic coaching is a personalized partnership to support students becoming independent learners. By examining each student’s academic habits, goals, and concerns, coaching enables students to develop realistic and workable plans to find greater success in college. Academic Coaches empower students to improve in areas such as time management, academic goal-setting, note taking, textbook reading, memory strategies, test preparation, and concentration. Academic Coaching seeks to provide students with the skills and tools needed to overcome general and perceived scholastic barriers.

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The Office of Academic Support Services provides all students peer tutoring through the Study Partners Program.  Study Partners’ mission is to provide free, quality one-on-one and drop in tutoring for a number of undergraduate core courses.  Study Partners strive to encourage students to become independent learners by promoting academic excellence, improving study skills, and achieving curriculum specific competencies.

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The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program is a free academic program designed to help students succeed in historically difficult courses.  The program provides relaxed, peer-assisted study sessions led by students who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester and want to help other students excel.  SI is a collaborative approach that provides regularly scheduled sessions outside of class during which students work together to improve knowledge, discuss complex topics, and prepare for tests.  The goal of SI is to integrate what to learn with how to learn it.  SI Leaders are students who have already taken the class and succeeded.  Leaders attend all class lectures, take notes, and guide sessions.

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Study Smart is a non-credit 10 week, academic “boot camp”. Study Smart is designed for students on suspension and will focus on: the skills and attitudes required for academic success at Auburn University; accepting the reality of one’s academic situation; coming to terms with what one is going to have to do to graduate from Auburn/another college; and exploring other paths to success in life.

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In collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University’s Academic Support offers Plainsmen’s Prep:  A Bridge to Calculus in early August. This exclusive opportunity provides incoming first year students the chance to review pre-calculus and calculus topics needed to be successful in their courses at Auburn University. In addition, Plainsmen’s Prep:  A Bridge to Calculus is designed to acclimate students to the rigors of the Auburn University environment. Students will interact with AU Faculty, Staff, and undergraduate students to help aid in their transition and give them at head start to their success at Auburn.

Last modified: February 19, 2018