Welcome from the Director

Dear AU Student,

Dr. Chris WyckkoffWelcome to the Office of Academic Support! We are glad that you have found yourself looking for ways to achieve academic success at Auburn University.

If you are like me, you may have pondered what it takes for students to meet their goals and be successful at a major research institution like Auburn University. After my many years working in Academic Support programs with all types of students, I have learned that there is no prescription for success that I can rattle off that will work for every student. Every student is different; each comes in with different strengths and areas that they can improve.   Learning to learn is a process for every single student. However, there is one thing that I have found continuously sets successful students apart from their unsuccessful peers. That one trait is responsibility. Successful students consciously choose to take responsibility for their learning. They strive to figure out how they learn best, seek out resources, and make changes in their behaviors that often result in their academic improvement.

Of course, going to class, taking notes, visiting office hours, getting involved on campus, and getting enough exercise and sleep are all going to help you be successful. However, sometimes students do all of these and they still find that they are wishing they were even more successful.   Auburn University is going to challenge you.   We expect that you are going to be an independent learner and are going to be able to analyze and apply the information you are learning. The classes you take here are going to challenge you to think differently than you may have ever had to in high school. They are going to challenge you to find new strategies for learning and studying. While the faculty and staff are going to push you to be the best student you can be, they are also committed to your success and retention.

The best tip I can leave you with is to reach out. Reach out to your faculty. Reach out to your academic advisor. Reach out to the Office of Academic Support. We have programs like Academic Coaching that will help you continue to develop your learning and study sills, Supplemental instruction that provides group study sessions that help you learn content with others from your classes, and Study Partners that provides individual and group tutoring to help reinforce the content you learn in class. As I stated above successful students take responsibility for their learning, and reaching out to the people on campus that are dedicated to your success is the best way to get started taking responsibility for your learning and finding your academic success.

War Eagle!

Dr. Christopher T.Wyckoff

Interim Director, Office of Academic Support

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