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Academic coaching is a personalized partnership to support students becoming independent learners. By examining each student’s academic habits, goals, and concerns, coaching enables students to develop realistic and workable plans to find greater success in college. Coaches seek to provide students with the skills and tools needed to overcome general and perceived scholastic barriers.

Each student is assessed regarding his/her academic skills, goals, and intentions. With this information, the student and coach work together to develop a plan to improve academic habits, implement effective study skills, increase confidence, and strengthen school/life balance.

Academic Coaches empower students to improve in areas such as academic workload management management, academic goal-setting, note taking, textbook reading, memory strategies, test preparation, and concentration. Students typically meet with an Academic Coach for 5 appointments/semester following the intake. Coaching is provided year round and is a free service for enrolled undergraduate level students with Auburn University.

At this time, Academic Coaching appointments are made by contacting our office at 334.844.5972.

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