About Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching focuses on:

Academic Coaching is about students being successful in all majors and departments. The learning strategies taught through coaching can be applied regardless of a student’s class standing, major, or past collegiate challenges. We believe all students can find improvement. Below are the possible areas of focus:

  • Academic workload management
  • Academic goal-setting and follow-through
  • Textbook reading
  • Note taking
  • Memory strategies
  • Test preparation
  • Concentration
  • Wellness
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • Communication with campus professionals
  • Time management

Academic Coaching is a program for academic support. If it appears a student may benefit from other services she/he may be referred to other resources on campus.


For additional information about all Academic Support services, please contact the Office of Academic Support at 334.844.5972 to schedule a General Information appointment.

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