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  • Academic Coaching

    • In fall 2017, 100% of students improved their Study Skill Inventory (SSI) scores in at least three areas. The six areas measured are: concentration, memory, note-taking, textbook reading, test preparation, and time management. Students’ average increase was 27.02%.
    • 100% of all respondents agreed that they were presented with useful information, tools, and skill suggestions to assist in improving their grades.
    • 93% of all students who attended an Academic Coaching Intake appointment returned for ongoing coaching sessions throughout the semester. Students who completed the program met an average of 4.4 times with an academic coach in fall 2017.


  • Outreach and Special Programs

    • 100% of students who attended Midterm Prep workshops agreed that the information was delivered in a clear and structured manner.
    • The Office of Academic Support staff gave 31 presentations and study skill workshops in fall 2017, resulting in contact with 1,256 undergraduate students.


  • Study Partners

    • Partnered with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) to offer drop-in tutoring twice weekly in the AU Student Center to potential new members (pledges) for high demand science and mathematics courses.
    • For the past two semesters, Study Partners staff have worked closely with the School of Nursing to offer Dosage Calculation Exam Prep Workshops, helping to improve pass rates to 100%.
    • Developed and implemented new student staff training model entitled “cohorts” whereby each staff member is assigned to a weekly hour-long  training group. Cohort topics included: team building, special student populations, Socratic Method, student engagement, brain development and learning, and professionalism.


  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

    • Over 5,600 undergraduate students attended SI sessions in fall 2017; totaling more than 21,600 visits.
    • Students who attended SI sessions frequently (over 10 times in a semester) earned an average final grade that was .79 higher than peers who did not attend for the class. In general, SI session attendees earned an average final grade in their SI-supported course that was .51 (half-letter grade) higher than students who did not attend SI sessions.

Office of Academic Support & Academic Coaching Visits

Academic Support Suite

0176 RBD Library
Auburn University, Alabama
36849 USA
TEL: (334) 844-5972

Main Office:


Study Partners (peer-tutoring) Check-in Desk

Learning Commons
2nd Floor RBD Library
Auburn University, Alabama
36849 USA
TEL: (334) 844-5702

Study Partners Desk:


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program Office

2238 Haley
351 W Thach Concourse
Auburn University, Alabama
36849 USA
TEL: (334) 844-5911