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Academic Coaching

  • The Academic Coaching program continues to support students through a personalized plan that helps them achieve their unique goals.
    • In fall 2019, 90% of students returned for their 1st appointment following an Intake, and 68% of the students who started the coaching program participated in three or more sessions.
    • There was a 55% increase from the 2017-2018 year compared to the 2018-2019 year and an increase in unique students served by 135% in those same years.
  • In fall 2019, 100% of students agreed or strongly agreed:
    • they felt comfortable sharing information with their Academic Coach
    • they developed a clear, action-oriented plan to meet their academic goal(s)
    • they learned one or more new academic strategy
    • they would recommend Academic Coaching to other students
  • For the 2018-2019 year, 84% of all students who met for an intake appointment chose to continue with the program.


  • Academic Support social media accounts increased followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by 188%, 124%, and 51%, respectively from the end of fall 2018 through the end of fall 2019. Follow and like us today @AUAcadSupport!
  • Thirty-two (32) presentations and workshops were facilitated in fall 2019 serving approximately 1,283 students:
    • 99.88% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed the presentation material was useful and relevant to their experience as a college student
    • Respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they understood how to locate and utilize the services provided within Academic Support including Academic Coaching (99.88%), Study Partners (99%), and Supplemental Instruction (97.41%)

Plainsmen’s Prep

  • Ninety-five (95) students completed the Plainsmen’s Prep program in summer 2019, engaging in over 20 hours of instruction provided by AU faculty, 9 hours of peer-led active-review sessions, and 10 hours of supplementary group study sessions
  • Of the 95 students who participated, 52 students (54%) placed into a higher math course than their highest ACT/SAT Math placement
  • 67% of those students who placed into a higher math course earned a C or better at the end of fall 2018
  • Thirty (30) participants moved up into Calculus I (MATH 1610)
    • 73% of those placing into Calculus I earned a C or better in the course (11% higher than average course rates in fall 2018)
    • 90% of those placing into Calculus I earned a D or better in the course (14% higher than average course rates in fall 2018)

Study Partners

  • Annually 2,000+ Auburn University students visit Study Partners for individual, drop-in, and small-group peer tutoring; for the last five years total visits have averaged 6,355.
  • The top five in-demand courses for tutoring via Study Partners are Calculus with Business Applications I (MATH 1680), Calculus I (MATH 1610), Microeconomics (ECON 2020), Fundamental Chemistry I (CHEM 1030), and Fundamental of Chemistry II (CHEM 1040).
  • Study Partners works closely with the School of Nursing offering Dose Calc/HESI Exam Prep Workshops, helping to improve pass rates to 100%.

Study Smart

  • Sixty-nine (69) students in total participated in the 2019 Study Smart programs (offered during spring, summer, and fall semesters)
  • For 2019 Study Smart participants, 100% of respondents to the end-of-experience survey reported that they believe they have changed as a result of what they learned in this class.
  • 100% of 2019 participants strongly agreed or agreed that they “learned skills, tools, and beliefs that will empower (them) to be academically successful and graduate from college.”

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI currently employees more than 50 SI Leaders to support sections of classes in ACCT, BIOL, CHEM, MATH, HIST, PHYS, and some Auburn Global courses. In fall 2019, those SI Leaders interacted with more than 3,000 Auburn students in a peer leadership capacity.

Long standing research about SI tells us that students who attend more than 10 SI sessions in a semester earn an average final grade that is higher than their peers in that class.

  • 96% of respondents who attended SI more than once said that participating in SI sessions helped them understand course content better than they would have on their own.
  • 94% of respondents who attended SI regularly agreed that they will continue using study skills and strategies they learned in SI sessions this semester as they move on to other classes.
  • 99.4% of respondents to the end of semester survey said they would recommend SI to other Auburn students.

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