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Academic Coaching at Auburn University is a personalized partnership designed to support each student in meeting their academic goals. You and your coach work together to identify your academic habits, interests, skills, concerns and intentions. Through this interactive process you will develop realistic and workable plans to achieve your vision of success in college.

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Study Partners offers free peer tutoring to undergraduate students at Auburn University through one-on-one appointments and drop-in sessions. Our goal is to promote academic excellence through peer-to-peer assistance by helping students develop the study skills necessary to succeed in their core courses and encourage them to grow as confident, self-directed learners.

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Study Smart is a non-credit, 10-week program for students on academic suspension that focuses on the skills, attitudes, and habits required for academic success at Auburn University. The course guides students through an exploration of their responsibilities, motivation, self-awareness, and tools to maintain success. By using activities, discussions, group work, writing exercises, and a variety of projects linking students to Auburn University, Study Smart seeks to reconnect students to the collegiate climate more prepared and skilled to meet their personal goals.

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Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free academic program designed to help students succeed in historically difficult courses at Auburn University. The program provides relaxed, peer-assisted study sessions led by students who have successfully completed the course in a previous semester and want to help other students excel. SI is a non-remedial approach that provides regularly scheduled sessions outside of class during which students work collaboratively to improve retention, discuss complex topics, and prepare for tests.

Last modified: January 29, 2021