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Meet our Staff

Meet the Academic Support Staff

Staff and student employees in Academic Support work to build positive, approachable, and cooperative learning environments. We desire to help all students feel valued, included, and empowered while earning their degree at Auburn University. Through carefully designed programs we seek to normalize students’ help-seeking behaviors and encourage students to approach problems in new ways. We believe these carefully designed experiences support students’ efforts to maximize their learning while at AU and beyond. For assistance, please call (334) 844-5972 or email

Headshot of Samantha Ansley

Samantha Ansley, M.Ed., LPC


Coordinator, Academic Coaching

  • Hometown: Los Gatos, California
  • Advice to AU students: Be proactive in connecting to resources on campus and try them out as often as possible until you find what works for you. Then keep trying because sometimes what works best can change.
  • Study tip: My quick study tip is to set start dates for yourself. Students may focus so much on deadlines and due dates that they forget to start. Set yourself up for success by using starting dates for assignments, papers, and test prep.
  • Favorite lunch spot: Niffer’s. Auburn classic.
Contact Samantha with questions about the Academic Coaching program.
Headshot of Dr. Ashley Carr

Ashley Christine Carr, Ph.D.


Assistant Director for Course Support

  • Hometown: Athens, Georgia
  • Advice to AU students: Pay attention to your health and check out the many support services available to you to keep your mind, body, and spirit sound.
  • Favorite study spot: A Supplemental Instruction session! SI is informed by learning theory that tells us that social interaction and collaboration are critical to learning. An SI session provides the opportunity to grapple with and make meaning of difficult content alongside and with the support of peers.
  • Favorite thing about Auburn: The incredible commitment I see Auburn students making to serve, lead, and do quality work is my favorite thing about Auburn.
Contact Dr. Carr with questions about the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program.
Headshot of Sandy Mason

Sandy Mason


Administrative Associate II

  • Hometown: Reeltown, Alabama
  • Favorite thing about AU: I absolutely love the atmosphere! Always a smiling face or a friendly WAR EAGLE.
  • Study tip: Stick to a routine, efficient study schedule.
  • Advice to AU Students: If you are taking 12 credit hours, you should plan to spend 24 hours a week on homework. Twelve hours of class time, plus 24 hours of homework time equals 36 hours devoted to school each week. This is the equivalent of a full-time job!
  • Favorite lunch spot: Jimmy John’s
Contact Sandy with questions about student employment paperwork and e-bill charges.
Headshot of Jaime Miller

Jaime Miller, M.Ed. (aka Carol)


Director, Student Academic Support

  • Hometown: Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Favorite thing about Auburn University: The Auburn Family is real! I love the community of students, faculty, staff, and advisors at AU.
  • Study tip: Take 10 minutes immediately after class to review your notes and identify gaps in your understanding of the course content. Meet with your professor to gain clarification. Use the resources available to you throughout the entire semester.
  • Favorite lunch spots: Little Italy and Chicken Salad Chick
Contact Jaime with questions about Academic Support programs and services. 
Headshot of Allison Stadler

Allison Stadler, M.Ed.


Coordinator, Course Support

  • Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
  • Advice to AU students: Recognize that you are the expert on you. Avoid choosing classes, majors, and experiences just because “everyone” seems to be making those choices. Explore unique paths that are going to help you grow as a person and as a professional.
  • Study tip: Create your own test questions while reading through the material. Going over your notes and textbook through this lens will help you identify what a professor may ask on an exam.
  • Favorite lunch spots: Momma Goldberg’s or Big Blue Bagel
Contact Allison with questions about the Study Partners Peer Tutoring program or the Study Smart program. 

Meet the Main Office Graduate Student Employees

For assistance, please email or call (334) 844-5972.

Headshot of Keeley Leisure

Keeley Leisure


Graduate Assistant, Strategic Data Analysis

Meet the Main Office Undergraduate Student Employees

For assistance, please email or call (334) 844-5972.

Aubie at teaching at a whiteboard

Elena Gagliano


Front Desk Representative

  • Hometown: Birmingham, AL
  • Favorite thing about Auburn University: It’s so beautiful. Even when it’s raining and gloomy, I enjoy being on campus!
  • My advice to Auburn University students: Get involved. Joining clubs and meeting new people are key to a good experience at Auburn.
  • Study Tip: Do your readings beforehand! Studying is so much easier if you’re reviewing the information and not learning it for the first time.
  • My favorite lunch spots: Little Italy and Panera
Aubie at teaching at a whiteboard

Meghan Stone


Front Desk Representative

  • Hometown: Springfield, Illinois
  • Favorite thing about Auburn University: The people. Coming from so far away, I have noticed that everyone here is so kind and welcoming. It is so easy to find friends and people to get along with here. I am so lucky to be part of the Auburn family!
  • My advice to Auburn University students: Do not be afraid to ask for help in any of your classes. Going to Office Hours may seem time consuming but it is so worth it. There are also so many resources you can use such as Study Partners and SI sessions if you find yourself struggling.
  • Study Tip: Read! Reading the material professors recommend is essential to doing well in class. It is super important to stay caught up on the reading so you better understand each lecture.
  • My favorite lunch spots: Chicken Salad Chick