Welcome from the Director

Picture of Jaime Miller
Jaime Miller, M.Ed.

Hello Students!

The staff and student leaders in Academic Support are glad you chose Auburn University as your home for the next four years. Our programs and services are designed to help you perform your best. Recognizing that you will be both challenged and inspired by your academic pursuits, here are a couple of tips as you plan for success:

  • Explore the Auburn University website and take time to appreciate all the many opportunities available to you.
  • Build relationships among the Auburn Family. There are so many people and resources at Auburn to help you navigate your path to success. My advice: create and maintain relationships with expert faculty, your assigned academic advisor, study partners, librarians, resident assistants, supplemental instruction (SI) leaders, academic coaches, etc.
  • Proactively use resources! Academic Support resources and other resources at AU are here to support your success. These resources are not just for when you feel stuck or have you hit an obstacle. Be sure to seek help proactively and when you get stuck (because it happens to all of us), reach out immediately. While it may be intimidating to ask for help, reaching out for assistance is the perfect way to stay on track.
  • Pursue in-class and beyond-the-classroom opportunities that improve and refine your knowledge and skills.

The services at Auburn University are not just for people who are seeking help. For example, the services in the Office of Academic Support are for all students; especially forward-thinking, high-achieving, and ambitious students who wish to elevate their skills, increase their knowledge, and perform their best. We strive to help you earn better grades, gain confidence in your academic pursuits, and increase your own awareness of your strengths and skills.

You’ll find that the staff and student leaders in Academic Support work to build a positive, approachable, and cooperative learning environment. We desire to help all students feel valued, empowered, and hopeful while earning their undergraduate degree at Auburn University. Through carefully designed programs we seek to normalize your help-seeking behaviors, encourage you to approach problems in new ways, and maximize your learning.

Are you ready to use the resources available to you at Auburn University? If so, I challenge you to:

  • Meet with an Academic Coach to discuss your GPA goals for the semester, assess your current academic strengths, and improve your academic habits.
  • Visit with a Study Partners tutor through scheduled and/or drop-in sessions to review course content and achieve curriculum-specific competencies.
  • Join regularly scheduled study sessions hosted by a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader to gain a deeper understanding of course material, discuss complex topics, and prepare for tests.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


War Eagle!


Jaime S. Miller

Director, Student Academic Support

Academic Support