About Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching focuses on:


Academic Coaching is about students learning how to meet their academic goals. By working together, your coach will support you to improve academic habits, implement effective study skills, feel increased confidence, and strengthen your school/life balance.

The learning strategies taught through coaching can be applied regardless of your class standing, major, or past frustrations with school. We believe all students can find areas for improvement and work to reach their academic and personal goals. Below are the possible areas of focus in our program:

  • Academic goal-setting and follow-through
  • Academic workload management
  • Communication with campus professionals
  • Concentration
  • Memory strategies
  • Note taking
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • Test preparation
  • Textbook reading
  • Time management
  • Wellness


What students say about Academic Coaching:

“I learned how often I should be studying, and I learned that writing study time in to my schedule is a good way to hold myself accountable.”

“I learned how to maintain motivation through the whole semester.”

“I learned that reviewing my notes often will keep me from cramming. I also learned different ways to focus while studying and the best times of the day to study.”


Academic Coaching is short-term, free, and available to every Auburn University undergraduate student. At the student’s intake, they are assessed regarding their academic skills, challenges, and goals. The student then meets with their Academic Coach for five 30 minute appointments per semester. Most students focus on three study skills per semester.


For additional information about all Academic Support services, please contact the Office of Academic Support at 334.844.5972 to schedule a General Information appointment.


Please note: The Office of Academic Support charges $10 for no showing to appointments. We encourage you to cancel 24 hours in advance by calling our office at 334.844.5972 to avoid this charge.

Meet our Academic Coaching Team: