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About Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching in Academic Support is an internationally certified peer educator program that contributes to student retention and degree completion. With a College Reading and Learning Association level III peer mentor certified training program, Academic Coaches facilitate an inclusive and welcoming environment to support students throughout their academic experience at Auburn University. Students can expect to partner with a peer coach to learn strategies for academic success applicable across all subject areas and greater connection to resources at Auburn University.

The learning strategies taught in Academic Coaching can be applied regardless of class standing, major, or past school experiences. At the first meeting, students are assessed regarding their academic skills, challenges, and goals. Students then meet with their Academic Coach for an average of five appointments per semester. Students are welcome to return at any time and are encouraged to continue working with the same coach. Below are possible areas of focus in our program:

  • Academic goal-setting and follow-through
  • Academic workload management
  • Communication with campus professionals
  • Concentration
  • Memory strategies
  • Navigating the college environment
  • Note taking
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • Test preparation
  • Test-taking
  • Textbook reading
  • Time management
  • Wellness


What students say about Academic Coaching:

“I learned how often I should be studying, and I learned that writing study time in to my schedule is a good way to hold myself accountable.”

“I learned how to maintain motivation through the whole semester.”

“I learned that reviewing my notes often will keep me from cramming. I also learned different ways to focus while studying and the best times of the day to study.”

Meet the Academic Coaches:

Academic Coaches in Academic Support are graduate student peer leaders dedicated to supporting student success. Coaches complete over 35 hours of training each semester, as they earn their level I, II, and III Peer Educator Certifications. This annual training program starts prior to the first day of class and continues throughout their employment. The content of this experience includes areas such as the coaching model and application, learning theories, teaching and counseling skills, and referral strategies. Coaches learn to create goal-driven plans and collaborate with students to achieve their desired outcomes in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Headshot of Shannon Dunne

Shannon Dunne


Academic Coach

Graduate Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

About: Hi! My name is Shannon, and I am a graduate student and academic coach here at Auburn. I graduated from the University of Alabama in December 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I am newer to Auburn, but I am eager to learn more about the campus and students. As an academic coach, I am excited to support students in achieving academic success!

Study Tip: I recommend planning out specific places and times to study in advance, as well as what you are going to accomplish in each study session. This will help prevent procrastination and forgetting to complete assignments. If you are unsure what to do during study sessions and have completed all your assignments, I also recommend reviewing what you learned in your classes each week, especially for your more challenging courses. This will make it much less daunting to prepare for exams, as you will already be familiar with the material.

Advice to AU students: I recommend ensuring you have a healthy school-life balance. While it is important to study, burnout is real. Therefore, it is beneficial to make room in you weekly schedule for extracurricular activities, social interactions, and relaxation time for yourself, whatever that may look like. College is a vastly different type of lifestyle than high school, with a great amount of free time that you have to learn to manage yourself. It is important to prioritize a balance between academics and your personal life.

Coaching Style: My coaching style is empathetic and collaborative. I want to truly understand each student’s unique situation that brought them to coaching and work with the student to develop and accomplish academic goals. I can offer relevant campus resources, study tips and strategies, and support so that the student can go on to achieve academic success on their own.


Headshot of Abbie Roy

Abbie Roy


Academic Coach

Graduate Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

About: War Eagle! My name is Abbie and I am a graduate student and Academic Coach at Auburn University. I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with minors in Human Development & Family Studies and Non-Profit & Philanthropy Studies from Auburn in 2022. I love getting to work with students as they grow and develop new skills that help them become successful.

Study Tip: Start reviewing and studying your material early! Set aside some time each day to become familiar with the material. Try different study techniques that help diversify your knowledge. Prioritizing adequate sleep and balanced meals will help energize you! All of this will help you feel equipped when you are tested on the course content!

Advice to AU students: Enjoy your time at Auburn when you are here. There are so many clubs and organizations that you can get involved in! Commit to your schoolwork and studying during set times and do other activities that are joyful to you in your free time!

Coaching Style: My coaching style focuses on meeting the student where they are and empowering them to become motivated to achieve their goals. This is accomplished through an honest, supportive, and open environment.

Headshot of Hope Guffey

Hope Guffey


Academic Coach

Graduate Program: Adult Education

About: War Eagle! My name is Hope, and I am a graduate student as well as an Academic Coach. I received my undergrad in Political Science from Auburn, and I am so excited to continue my education on The Plains. As an Academic Coach, I aim to inform students of the many helpful resources Auburn has to offer and encourage their academic success through achievable goal planning.

Study Tip: My favorite study tip for students is reviewing their notes directly after class and approaching the professor with any questions they might have. By doing so, students engage in active learning strategies and build rapport with their professors.

Advice to AU students: Your college experience flies by quickly. Use this time to meet others, grow your network, and build connections that will last a lifetime. Auburn University offers many opportunities through AU Involve, but Auburn/Opelika cities offer many ways to connect with others, too!

Coaching Style: I view my coaching style as flexible, supportive, and student led. I work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, where student goals are identified, and action steps are created. We often discuss some of Auburn’s other resources available to students and how they can be utilized. I offer relevant study tips and strategies to build academic confidence and self-efficacy.

Meet the Coordinator of Academic Coaching:

Headshot of Samantha Ansley

Samantha Ansley


Coordinator of Academic Coaching

More information about Samantha Ansley