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About Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching in Academic Support is an internationally certified peer educator program that contributes to student retention and degree completion. With a College Reading and Learning Association level III peer mentor certified training program, Academic Coaches facilitate an inclusive and welcoming environment to support students throughout their academic experience at Auburn University. Students can expect to partner with a peer coach to learn strategies for academic success applicable across all subject areas and greater connection to resources at Auburn University.

The learning strategies taught in Academic Coaching can be applied regardless of class standing, major, or past school experiences. At the first meeting, students are assessed regarding their academic skills, challenges, and goals. Students then meet with their Academic Coach for an average of five appointments per semester. Students are welcome to return at any time and are encouraged to continue working with the same coach. Below are possible areas of focus in our program:

  • Academic goal-setting and follow-through
  • Academic workload management
  • Communication with campus professionals
  • Concentration
  • Memory strategies
  • Navigating the college environment
  • Note taking
  • Presentation preparation and delivery
  • Test preparation
  • Test-taking
  • Textbook reading
  • Time management
  • Wellness


What students say about Academic Coaching:

“I learned how often I should be studying, and I learned that writing study time in to my schedule is a good way to hold myself accountable.”

“I learned how to maintain motivation through the whole semester.”

“I learned that reviewing my notes often will keep me from cramming. I also learned different ways to focus while studying and the best times of the day to study.”

Meet the Academic Coaches:

Academic Coaches in Academic Support are graduate student peer leaders dedicated to supporting student success. Coaches complete over 35 hours of training each semester, as they earn their level I, II, and III Peer Educator Certifications. This annual training program starts prior to the first day of class and continues throughout their employment. The content of this experience includes areas such as the coaching model and application, learning theories, teaching and counseling skills, and referral strategies. Coaches learn to create goal-driven plans and collaborate with students to achieve their desired outcomes in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Headshot of Gabby King

Gabby King


Academic Coach

Graduate Program: Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

About: Hello and War Eagle! My name is Gabby and I am a graduate student and academic coach here at Auburn. I have lived in Auburn for the past 5 years and graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies in 2020. I look forward to working with students to assist them in setting and accomplishing their academic goals!

Study Tip: Prepare before a study session by planning out your studying environment, method of study, time allocated for each task, and needed materials! This will allow you to feel more confident and prepared as you head into a study session! Additionally, as you study, keep notes of any topics or concepts you may have questions on and bring those to the attention of your professor and/or TA.

Advice to AU students: Getting involved on campus is an excellent opportunity to connect with peers who share similar interests and build a network. AU Involve has over 600 organizations for you to explore and join on Auburn’s campus. Enjoy your time on campus and explore what interests you!

Coaching Style: I approach coaching as a collaborative and supportive process. I strive to foster an open and honest environment where students and I can work together to identify strategies and resources that best suit their needs and goals.

Meet the Coordinator of Academic Coaching:

Headshot of Samantha Ansley

Samantha Ansley


Coordinator of Academic Coaching

More information about Samantha Ansley