Academic Support Office of the Provost


Who would benefit from Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is for any enrolled student seeking academic support, more effective study habits, and tools and resources necessary in all areas for overall collegiate success.

What can I not get from Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is not Academic Advising, Career Counseling, Student Counseling & Psychological Services, tutoring, writing support, or Supplemental Instruction. These other services are linked throughout the website and we encourage students to take advantage of these services as warranted.

How much time does Academic Coaching take?

The Academic Coaching program consists of a one hour intake and five 30-minute appointments over the course of a semester. In contrast to the program, Academic Coaching offers Coach Consult appointments to address immediate or specific academic needs. The Coach Consults are 45-minutes and can be scheduled ongoing throughout the semester. We encourage students to continue working with the same coach in both scenarios. Students are welcome to return for services should they find their needs or circumstances have changed and further services are warranted.

Where are Academic Coaching appointments held?

Coach Consult appointments are hosted online through Zoom to support remote service delivery and expanded availability. Students are expected to have their cameras on and actively participate in sessions. When hosted, Academic Coaching Intakes occur in 0176 RBD Library. We ask that you arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to check-in and complete paperwork. Academic Coaching sessions are hosted in 0176 RBD Library, the Learning Commons on the second floor of RBD Library, and online as needed.

What is a Coach Consult?

The Coach Consult appointment is designed to address immediate student needs and can be used one-time or repeatedly throughout the semester. During the 45-minute appointment, the coach and student identify academic goals and the action steps to progress. Students are encouraged to meet with the same coach if they choose to attend more than one Coach Consult appointment.

How do I get the most out of Academic Coaching?

  1. Show up to all of your appointments.
  2. Bring a positive attitude with you.
  3. Be open and honest with your coach.
  4. Complete active practice assignments.
  5. Work toward your academic goals.

Is Academic Coaching subject specific?

No. The Academic Coach and student will partner together to reach identified academic and professional goals by addressing study skills, habits, and strategies applicable to any subject.

Are Academic Coaching sessions free?

Yes, Academic Coaching is a free service for enrolled Auburn University students. There is a $10 fee if a student no shows to an appointment. To avoid this charge students can call 334.844.5972, stop by RBD Library 0176, email, or cancel on Advise Assist. Please note while Coach Consults and Intake appointments can be rescheduled on Advise Assist, we ask that students call or stop by to set up a new academic coaching session with their assigned coach.

How do I know what resources from Academic Support would be most helpful?

Academic Coaches support students in navigating their collegiate success. When a student meets with a coach, they will receive referral information to campus resources, programs, and people to support their goal achievement.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an Academic Coaching appointment, please visit Make an Appointment for links and directions.