Academic Support Office of the Provost


What can I expect at an Academic Coaching appointment?

Students attending Academic Coaching can expect to receive a personalized and welcoming space to develop academic, professional, and personal skills to achieve your unique desired outcomes. Coaching is for any enrolled student wanting to develop their general study strategies to achieve overall collegiate success. In fall 2020, coaching sessions will be primarily offered online via Zoom. Each session will be desired around the students’ needs and interest, with increased skill building over time. This experience necessitates attendees come prepared with a working camera and microphone system. If you have issues with this or would like to request other accommodations, please let our office know.

Academic Support is committed to serving all Auburn University students, and coaching is designed to be a safe and brave space where all students are welcome, appreciated, and supported. Therefore, things that will not be tolerated during any coaching session include: language or images that create a hostile or intimidating environment, as well as insults related to ability, appearance, culture, gender, home language, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or social class.

How much time does Academic Coaching take?

Academic Coaching offers Coach Consult appointments to address immediate or specific academic needs. Coach Consults are 45-minutes and can be scheduled ongoing throughout the semester. We encourage students to continue working with the same coach for all appointments. Students are welcome to return for services should they find their needs or circumstances have changed and further services are warranted.

For fall 2020, appointments will be available all semester online via Zoom. Students are expected to have their camera on and actively participate in the session. Academic Coaching in-person appointments will be made available as the program is able to meet university, state, and CDC guidelines for health and safety. At such time, the website reflect this offering.

How do I get the most out of Academic Coaching?

  1. Show up to all of your appointments. Please visit Make an Appointment for more details about scheduling.
  2. Be your genuine self. This program is designed to be specific to You and we aim to create a brave and safe space for you.
  3. Be open and honest with your coach about your goals and challenges. Students who attend coaching earn higher term GPAs while in coaching than their prior semesters.
  4. Complete active practice assignments. Not homework, but behavioral and learning strategies that over time can become strategic habits for academic success.
  5. Aim for consistent efforts toward your academic goals. Remember, you are welcome to return to coaching any semester you’re enrolled with Auburn.

Can Academic Coaching help with a specific subject?

Academic Coaches partner with students to reach identified academic and professional goals by addressing study skills, habits, and strategies applicable to any subject. While Academic Coaching is not designed to provide tutoring on a specific subject or content area, coaches can target skills and strategies necessary for specific course goals. Coaches also support students as they navigate any available course specific resources and communication with professors.

Are Academic Coaching sessions free?

Yes, Academic Coaching is a free service for enrolled Auburn University students. If you are unable to attend an appointment, we ask that you call 334.844.5972, email, or cancel on Advise Assist. Please note Coach Consults can be rescheduled through Advise Assist.

What are resources for additional help?

Academic Coaches support students in navigating their collegiate success. When students meets with their coach, they will receive referral information to campus resources, programs, and people to support their goal achievement. We encourage students to look through the Helpful Resources page to explore some of our most helpful tools.

Academic Support provides additional resources for students who want to improve their academic performance. Study Partners offers free peer tutoring for a variety of courses, and Supplemental Instruction (SI) facilitates active learning for content mastery in traditionally challenging courses. For general information about all Academic Support services, please contact Academic Support at 334.844.5972 or for opportunities to learn more.

Additional helpful resources are linked throughout our website and we encourage students to take advantage of these services. The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering offers tutoring for some of its courses, and the College of Sciences and Mathematics has a drop-in center that offers free tutoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Additionally, for written projects, the Miller Writing Center provides free consultations for all types of writing.

How are coaches trained for their role?

Academic Coaches in Academic Support are graduate student leaders dedicated to supporting student success. Coaches complete over 35 hours of training each year. Coaches begin training prior to the start of the fall semester and continue throughout their time, earning their level I, II, and III Peer Educator Certifications. Training for Academic Coaches includes areas such as: the coaching model and application, learning theories, teaching and counseling skills, and referral strategies. Coaches learn to create goal-driven plans and collaborate with students to achieve their desired outcomes in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Coaches engage in an observation protocol to reinforce and support growth and development through formal feedback.

Being an Academic Coach in Academic Support includes access to resources that aid in planning and facilitation, as well as Coach Buddy Mentorship, monthly professional workshops, and a cadre of colleagues eager to reflect, give feedback, or share ideas and plans. All Academic Support employees are encouraged in their goals for career competency.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an Academic Coaching appointment, please visit Make an Appointment for links and directions.