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“Working with Academic Support has been the best job I’ve ever had and I am enjoying the experience.”

“I have loved working for Academic Support the people that work in the office are some of the nicest and most supportive I have ever worked with.” 

– Responses from the 2022 Student Employee Experience Survey

Join the Academic Support team! By serving as a peer leader in Academic Support, you have the opportunity to increase and internalize content knowledge, practice and improve facilitation and communication skills including public speaking, and gain faculty connections. Beyond the paycheck, members of the Academic Support team benefit from our office’s focus on student learning outcomes and our commitment to developing undergraduate employees’ career readiness.

Additional positions

Study Partners Peer Tutor

Peer Tutors in the Study Partners program offer one-on-one peer tutoring to undergraduate students at Auburn University at no additional cost to the student. Each tutor’s goal is to promote academic excellence through peer-to-peer assistance by helping students consider both the course content and study skills necessary to succeed in their courses. Tutors help their peers grow as confident, self-directed learners.

Once hired as a member of the Academic Support student employment team, Peer Tutors are trained on tutoring philosophy and practice, teaching and pedagogy methods, campus services and referral protocol, and intercultural understanding, awareness and inclusivity.

All Study Partners Peer Tutors earn $10 an hour.

Tutors begin working 5-9 hours/week during fall and spring semesters. Once a tutor has a proven record of high student visit rates, they may be invited to add additional tutoring hours to their work schedule.  Opportunities for summer tutoring are reviewed each year based on program and student needs.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader

SI Leaders support learning by facilitating free, weekly, active learning in group sessions. SI Leaders are students who excelled in historically difficult courses and wish to work to help their peers be more motivated, confident, and successful in those same courses. SI Leaders model effective student habits and facilitate active learning in informal settings. Along the way, SI Leaders get paid for planning and professional development, gain more complex content knowledge, and develop stronger communication skills and networks.

All SI employees earn $11 an hour.

SI Leaders work 9 hours a week. Committed and effective SI Leaders may eventually work up to 20 hours a week with increased responsibilities regarding peer mentorship and program support. Additionally, all SI Leaders  get “priority registration” status at the University.

Application Process for Peer Tutor and SI Leader Positions

If you’re ready to apply, click the “apply here” button to complete the online application.


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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. After submission, the standardized identity-hidden job applications are reviewed and qualified applicants may be invited to participate in a group interview on a rolling basis. Please note that most interviews and offers are completed prior to registration in the semester prior to starting work, and the needs for SI Leaders and Study Partners Peer Tutors may vary each semester. Group interviews are facilitated by a panel of evaluators, using a protocol to engage applicants in various activities relevant to the peer leader position and to learn more about the job in the process.