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Plainsmen’s Prep

Plainsmen's Prep - Aubie looking at math problems on whiteboard

Sunday, August 4 – Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Want an opportunity to increase your math course level for your first semester at Auburn University? 

By completing this program, students have a path to potentially increase their math course level from MATH 1000, 1100/1120, or 1130/1150 for their first semester at Auburn University. The program provides qualified incoming first-year students a math placement exam at the end of the program, providing students an opportunity to start college in the math course required for their major.

In collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University’s Academic Support offers Plainsmen’s Prep. The program acclimates students to the rigors of the Auburn University environment. Students will interact with Auburn faculty, staff, and current undergraduate students to aid in their transition, give them a head start on their success at Auburn, and build a learning community with fellow first-year students.

Deadline to Register for Plainsmen’s Prep:

Friday, July 19, 2019

Registration has closed for the 2019 year. 

To be eligible for Plainsmen’s Prep, you must score below the required math course placement for your anticipated major*

  • Less than a 26 on the Math ACT or under a 620 on the Math SAT for majors requiring Calculus I (MATH 1610)
  • Less than a 25 on the Math ACT or under a 600 on the Math SAT for majors requiring Calculus with Business Applications I (MATH 1680)

*Review the math course placement page, and especially the “core math requirement by college and by major” chart, to understand your ACT/SAT scoring and major requirement for mathematics.


NOTE: Because of conflicting schedules, students are not eligible to participate in both Plainsmen’s Prep and sorority recruitment or band camp.