About Plainsmen’s Prep

Plainsmen’s Prep
August 4-13, 2019

Student Eligibility

  • Must score under a 26 on the Math ACT, 600 on the Old (Pre-2016) Math SAT, or 620 on the New Math SAT
  • Must test into a math course below Calculus I (MATH 1610)
  • Must be in a major that requires Calculus I (MATH 1610)
  • Cannot participate in both Plainsmen’s Prep and sorority recruitment/band camp

Program Elements

  • Provide students with more than 30 hours on pre-calculus concepts developed and taught by Auburn University mathematics faculty
  • Deliver curriculum based on Auburn mathematics faculty experiences and observations of most needed information for success in a college-learning environment
  • Engage students in small group study sessions based on curriculum led by successful undergraduate students
  • Facilitate workshops and programs on academic success topics (e.g., time management, study skills, goal setting, etc.)
  • Offer math placement exam up completion, giving students a chance to qualify for a higher mathematics course their first semester

Program Benefits

  • Offers an opportunity to increase initial course placement from a lower-level math course to Calculus I (MATH 1610)
  • Supports timely graduation by offering you a path to start your freshman year in the math course required for your major, bypassing prerequisite courses
  • Helps you gain an understanding of good study techniques and skills
  • Provides collaborative activities to enhance learning and improve your performance
  • Connects you to other incoming first-year students
  • Provides you with continued support from Auburn faculty, staff, and current undergraduate students

What is Provided

  • Meals each day
  • T-Shirt
  • 30+ hours of instructional time
  • 20+ hours of academic support
  • Early move-in to fall housing assignment (residential, on-campus students)
  • Program materials (textbook, program notebook)
  • Cost of entry into additional activities and entertainment

Program Cost

The program costs $200. In addition, on-campus students will pay a $90 fee to move into their residence hall early. The $90 charge does not apply to students living off campus.