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Plainsmen’s Prep FAQs

Will Plainsmen's Prep be online or in-person?

As our top priority is the safety of participants, Plainsmen’s Prep will be offered as a fully online program for 2020. From August 2-11, participants will virtually interact with Auburn faculty, staff, Plainsmen’s Prep Leaders, and other participants. Therefore, Plainsmen’s Prep will not be participating in early move-in for on-campus residence halls for the fall 2020 semester. 

What is the schedule for Plainsmen's Prep?

This is not a self-paced program.

Participants are expected to be virtually present for all instruction sessions and activities for the entirety of the program. Due to conflicting schedules, students are not eligible to participate in both Plainsmen’s Prep and sorority recruitment, band camp, or other University courses during August 2-11.

Participants in Plainsmen’s Prep will virtually check in for the program during the afternoon of Sunday, August 2. At check-in, participants will secure their content materials, meet their Plainsmen’s Prep Leader, and receive a copy of the program schedule. Instruction begins on Monday, August 3. In previous years, participants were engaged in program instruction and activities for an average of 6-8 hours throughout each day.

To view the tentative 2020 schedule, click here. Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Will we be doing math the entire time?

Plainsmen’s Prep is an immersive math program designed to increase your math placement.

The program does provide opportunities to connect with other incoming first-year students and student leaders both inside and outside the classroom. Evening programs and study groups are hosted. Students report making friends and feeling more a part of the Auburn Family because of this program.

May I pay the $200 program fee by eBill?

Yes, when students register for Plainsmen’s Prep they are electing into a $200 fee charged to the student’s eBill at the virtual check-in for the program.

I'm living on-campus in the fall. What move-in day should I register for?

In order to prioritize time for focusing on the math placement exam, Plainsmen’s Prep participants should register for August 13th or August 14th for their on-campus move-in day. 

As a result of the program’s online format, Plainsmen’s Prep will not be participating in early move-in for on-campus residence halls for the fall 2020 semester. Participants are responsible for making their own housing arrangements for August 2-11.  

Plainsmen’s Prep participants will have one chance to take the math placement exam on August 11th. A makeup exam will not be offered if a participant misses their window of opportunity.  

Though August 12th is an available option for on-campus move-in, we encourage Plainsmen’s Prep participants to prioritize the later dates so as to not interfere with their participation in the program.  

Instructions for registering for on-campus move-in will be sent via email by University Housing. Should you have additional questions about move-in, please contact housing directly. 

I'm planning to live off-campus in the fall, do you provide housing for off-campus students during Plainsmen's Prep?

No, housing is not provided for Plainsmen’s Prep participants. All students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements for August 2-11. 

To avoid interruption to your learning in the Plainsmen’s Prep program, you should avoid any move-in activities throughout the August 2-11 program dates. 

What technology do I need in order to connect with the program?

As the program has shifted to online delivery, participants will be provided with virtual spaces to connect with their peers and review mathematics content. 

Participants will need a computer/device, internet access, webcam, and microphone to fully engage in a combination of online platforms (Canvas, Zoom, etc.). Students are permitted to bring a basic, scientific, non-graphic calculator that can do logs (e.g., TI 30X), but they are not eligible to use it during the placement exam on August 11, unless approved for academic accommodations. 

Which math class should I register for at Camp War Eagle?

Students should register for the math course that their Math ACT/SAT scores placed them into. Upon completion of the math placement exam at the end of Plainsmen’s Prep, students will be moved into their new course, if eligible.

Still unsure about your math placement? We encourage you to speak with your Academic Advisor during your Camp War Eagle orientation session regarding your major’s requirements and your math placement before applying for participation in the Plainsmen’s Prep program.

May I attend Plainsmen’s Prep even if I already placed into my major's core math?

Plainsmen’s Prep is for incoming first-year students who are seeking to increase their math course placement for their first semester at Auburn University. Plainsmen’s Prep does not serve as a review for students who have already placed into their major’s required math course. Students who have placed into their major’s required math course are not eligible for the program.

If you do not qualify for the program but would like to appeal for participation in the program, please fill out the online appeal form below by Monday, July 13.

Click here to appeal for participation in the Plainsmen’s Prep program.