Academic Support Office of the Provost

Plainsmen’s Prep FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about the Plainsmen’s Prep program. Please contact Academic Support if you have additional questions.

What is the schedule for Plainsmen's Prep?

Please see the anticipated schedule here.

May I participate in sorority recruitment or band camp at the same time?

No. Both sorority recruitment and band camp have demanding schedules that overlap with Plainsmen’s Prep. Students are not eligible to participate in these programs at the same time.

When does the program actually start?

On Sunday, August 4, on-campus (residential) students will move into their assigned residence hall. There will be a “welcome social” that afternoon for students and their families to attend. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Academic Deans, faculty, student leaders, and staff at that time.

The Plainsmen’s Prep program will continue for students until mid-afternoon on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

Will we be doing math the entire time?

Plainsmen’s Prep is an immersive math program designed to increase your math placement.

The program does provide opportunities to connect with other incoming first-year students and student leaders both inside and outside the classroom. Evening programs and study groups are hosted. Students report making friends and feeling more a part of the Auburn Family because of this program.

May I pay the $200 program fee by eBill?

Yes, when students register for Plainsmen’s Prep they are electing into a $200 fee charged to their e-bill. If you are living on campus, the $90 charge for housing will be applied to the e-bill. Upon registration, these charges are non-refundable.

What if I signed up for regular move-in dates, but now I’ve registered for Plainsmen’s Prep and I need to sign up for early move-in to my residence hall?

Students should go to AU Access and update their housing date request to “early move-in”. If you have additional questions about move-in times, you may contact housing directly.

I'm living on-campus in the fall, do I have to have anything to be able to move in early?

Contact the Department of Housing directly to update your move-in day request to be Aug. 4. When you register for Plainsmen’s Prep, Academic Support will confirm with the University Housing your early move-in date, but you must initiate the request with Housing. On-campus students will be charged the $90 early move-in fee via their e-bill.

I'm planning to live off-campus in the fall, do you provide housing for off-campus students during Plainsmen's Prep?

No, on-campus housing is not provided during Plainsmen’s Prep for commuter/off-campus students. Students are responsible for making their own off-campus housing arrangements during the program if they are not living in a residence hall (on-campus) in the fall. The program will coordinate with Parking Services for students that need to commute to campus for the program.

What do I need to bring?

Students will need to bring their own laptop for lectures, SI sessions, and group study sessions. The instructor will walk you through accessing the course materials from your laptop during the first lecture. Students are permitted to bring a basic, scientific, non-graphing calculator that can do logs (e.g., TI 30X), but they are not eligible to use it during the placement exam on Aug. 13.

Which math class should I register for at Camp War Eagle?

Students should register for the math course that their ACT/SAT scores place them into. Upon completion of the math placement exam at the end of Plainsmen’s Prep, students will be moved into their new course, if eligible.

May I attend Plainsmen’s Prep even if I already placed into MATH 1610 or 1680?

Plainsmen’s Prep is for students who score below the required math course placement for their major*.

This includes less than a 26 on the Math ACT or under a 620 on the Math SAT for majors requiring Calculus I (MATH 1610) or less than a 25 on the Math ACT or under a 600 on the Math SAT for majors requiring Calculus with Business Applications I (MATH 1680). Students participating in this program are wanting to move up in their math placement for the fall semester.

*Review the math course placement page, and especially the “core math requirement by college and by major” chart, to understand your ACT/SAT scoring and major requirement for mathematics.

If you would like to appeal for participation, will fill out the online appeal form by July 19.