Academic Support Office of the Provost

About Study Partners

Study Partners offers free peer tutoring to undergraduate students at Auburn University.  Our goal is to promote academic excellence through peer-to-peer assistance by helping students develop the study skills necessary to succeed in their core courses and encourage them to grow as confident, self-directed learners.  

What can I expect from my Study Partners tutor?

Students may expect the following from their experience with Study Partners:

  • Confidentiality, Patience, and Respect;
  • Knowledge about the subject area being tutored;
  • A concentrated effort to aid in understanding difficult material;
  • Good communication skills and help with study skill development;
  • Ability to help identify learning obstacles and ways to overcome them;
  • Ability to model good student behaviors

When is Study Partners peer tutoring available?

Study Partners peer tutoring is offered each semester, typically beginning two weeks into the semester and concluding before final exams. Students are encouraged to log in to Advise Assist to view exact course and tutor availability or request a specific day/time through the Knack online platform, (including access via iOS app or Android app). Learn more about scheduling options on the “Make an Appointment” page!

What students say about Study Partners:

“[My Peer Tutor] was so awesome! She is so knowledgeable on the subject and now I have a much better idea about the information for the chapter I am studying. She is so great at explaining information!”

“[The Peer Tutor] was very helpful and he made me feel more prepared for my exam. He helped me learn at my own pace and took the time to explain the material in depth.”

“I came in with very little understanding of the concepts and [the Peer Tutor] made them easy to understand and apply!”

“[My Peer Tutor] was so helpful! She asked me questions about how I learned best and gave me study advice based off of my answers. She told me about the resources and habits that helped her be successful in this course.”

Meet the Peer Tutoring Leadership Team

Picture of Payton Davis in front of a water feature

Payton Davis

Tutor Mentor

 Major: Mathematics & Spanish

“I enjoy working for Study Partners because not only is the work rewarding, but I feel like my supervisors care about me along with the students who come in for help.”

Headshot of Anniston Dodson

Anniston Dodson

Tutor Mentor

Major: Biomedical Sciences

“Students should use Study Partners because it is a FREE educational tool that helps students who thrive in a one-on-one learning environment. It is also super convenient and easy to sign up for a tutoring session!”

Headshot of Morgan Gladson

Morgan Gladson

Tutor Mentor

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Students should use Study Partners because it’s FREE and we know what you’re going through. We took the same course and we found the best tips and tricks on how to learn the most effectively.”

Photograph of Gracie Lloyd

Gracie Lloyd

Tutor Mentor

Major: Psychology

“I love being able to work with others who really have a heart for students. Working with Study Partners has been one of the best parts of my college career!”

Image of Hattie Noden in front of a pond and large fountain with building in background

Hattie Noden

Tutor Mentor

Major: Cellular/Molecular Microbiology

“I love working with Study Partners because I get to help other Auburn students achieve their goals by helping them succeed in their classes. Students should use Study Partners because not only do we help students understand difficult material, but we also suggest different study strategies too!”

Picture of Erin Utz with greenscape that has been blurred to focus on Erin

Erin Utz

Tutor Mentor

Major: Biomedical Sciences

“I am excited to serve as a Tutor Mentor to help guide our Peer Tutors in creating a productive and welcoming environment for students. I also look forward to encouraging bonds between the Peer Tutors so we can all work together in harmony.”

Headshot of Carson Walters

Carson Walters

Tutor Mentor

Major: Biomedical Sciences

“Students should use Study Partners because the tutoring sessions are very relaxed and the tutors are not intimidating at all. Peer tutors also have great insight on course material and test-taking strategies.”

Headshot of Frank Wilbanks

Frank Wilbanks

Tutor Mentor

Major: Biomedical Sciences (Minor in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies)

”I enjoy working with Study Partners because I get to help other students reach their potential as learners. It’s very rewarding to guide fellow students towards developing a better understanding of course material.”