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When is tutoring available?

Study Partners peer tutoring is offered year-round. The general hours of operation are posted on the calendar on the Study Partners home page. Students should log into Advise Assist to see exact availability for their courses.

Why would I seek Study Partners assistance?

There are numerous reasons why a student should utilize Study Partners, the most popular being:

• If you want to build your confidence in a specific subject/course/curriculum

• If you want to maintain good grades

• If you are falling behind in class

• If you are not performing your best on tests, homework, projects, etc.

• If you want help with study skills (i.e. organization, note-taking, etc.) or preparing for tests

• If you are having difficulty with homework assignments or understanding lectures

What should I bring to my tutoring session?

  • Textbook, past tests, in-class assignments, class notes, and past writing assignments
  • Previously attempted homework assignment with a list of concepts student is having difficulty understanding
  • Other important documentation provided by instructor (syllabus, schedule, project directions, etc.)
  • A good, if not great, attitude

How do I participate in Study Partners?

There are three session formats for tutoring at Study Partners: appointment, walk-in, and small groups. Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment on Advise Assist to have the guaranteed session with a specific tutor in the identified course. If tutors are available, they will work to accommodate any walk-in visitor.

There are several ways to schedule a Study Partners appointment:

  • Go to Advise Assist to review Study Partner
  • Call the Study Partner’s desk at 334-844-5702 during general service hours
  • Stop by the Study Partners’ Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library) during general service hours
  • Call the Academic Support main line at 334-844-5972
  • Stop by Academic Support in 0176 RBD Library between 7:45 AM – 4:45 PM Monday – Friday

Appointments may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance on Advise Assist.

NOTE: If a tutor calls in sick, you will be contacted by Study Partners to reschedule.

Who are the tutors?

Study Partners’ staff consists generally of upper-level undergraduates (and occasionally graduate students) who display strong academic performance and leadership skills. We are led by Ms. Tamara Bowden and our SP Management Team. Desk workers and lead tutors are extremely essential to our operations, and also offer diverse opportunities for student workers to pursue an on campus job with leadership opportunities. Our tutors are exceptional students who are required to have great communication skills, professor recommendations, and a positive attitude. They must be a currently registered Auburn University student and maintain a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA. Additionally, each of our tutors typically earned an “A” in the class(es) they tutor. They have also received two recommendations from Auburn University Faculty/Staff . You can expect confidentiality, respect, patience, and a concentrated effort to aid in your understanding of difficult material.

If you have any comments or need help directly, please contact the Study Partners Coordinator, Tamara Miller Bowden at or 334-844-5972.

How often may I visit Study Partners for tutoring?

As long as a tutor is available and we are open, you may visit Study Partners for one session per course per day for individual one-on-one tutoring. Back to back individual appointments or same day appointments for the same course are not allowed; however, you may attend small group tutoring (if available) on the same day as any individual appointment for the same class or a different subject.

What courses does Study Partners offer?

To view a current list of our courses offered visit the Study Partners website (click on Course List); you may also call 334.844.5702 or stop by the Study Partners’ Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library) during our open hours of operation. Study Partners mission is to provide tutoring for basic core classes required of most any major at Auburn University; however, if the tutoring demand for a specific course is low we will most often not have a tutor available. If we do not offer tutoring in a class you need tutoring for please feel free to let the desk worker know or submit the Subject Request form. These requests are reviewed weekly.

Is there a charge to use Study Partners?

Study Partners provides tutoring for NO CHARGE to all currently enrolled Auburn University undergraduate students in select core courses. Please keep in mind there is a $10 charge added to your Bursar Account for each missed appointment/no-show.  An appointment is considered missed/no-show if you do not attend your appointment OR do not cancel an appointment at least 6 hours before the appointment begins. You will be notified via e-mail when you miss an appointment. To avoid a missed appointment, you may cancel by using Advise Assist, calling 334.844.5702 or stopping by the Study Partners’ Desk in the Learning Commons (2nd floor RBD Library). For more information about missed appointments please visit our No-Show Fee Penalty page.

What should I expect from my tutoring session?

Tutors will help you with study skills, and identify learning obstacles and ways to overcome them; however, they will not do your homework for you, rescue you, take responsibility for your learning, nor have all the answers to every question.

You should expect:

  • Confidentiality
  • Respect
  • Patience
  • Concentrated effort to aid in your understanding of difficult material
  • Help with study skills
  • Knowledge about the subject area being tutored
  • Ability to help identify learning obstacles and ways to overcome them
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to model good student behaviors

What can my tutor not do?

    • Students visiting Study Partners should attempt their homework and other assignments before attending a tutoring session. We suggest students make note of concepts they are struggling with, allowing the student and tutor to review such concepts and work through similar problems during the tutoring session. A tutor may turn a student away if they have not attempted the homework/assignment on their own first. Please note we cannot assist directly with graded web assignments as this is considered cheating.
    • Nothing takes the place of consistent hard work throughout the semester; if students fail to do this, showing up for tutoring a week before, or the night before, a major test or final exam will not provide the extensive help the student truly needs. Tutors cannot help students recover from a semester of slacking off. We suggest students start the tutoring process early in the semester and visit often thereafter.
    • Tutors can assist students in the learning process, but they are not responsible for what an individual student learns. A successful student attends class regularly, participates in class, consistently completes their homework assignments, reads and is familiar with the textbook, and develops a relationship with their instructor.
    • Tutors are well trained and knowledgeable about the subject they tutor, but they cannot be expected to know everything; although they CAN be expected to model the steps a successful student can use to find a solution.

Other important information:


(Student who makes an appointment ahead of time)
  • When making an appointment, students need to know the course name and number (i.e. MATH 1610)
  • Tutoring appointments are scheduled in 50 minute sessions
  • Individual tutoring sessions are limited to one 50-minute session per subject per day
  • If a student is more than 10 minutes late, we may cancel a student’s appointment and fill that time slot with a Walk-In.
  • Appointments may be made using our online scheduling system, Advise Assist (
  • Appointments may also be made by contacting a Study Partners Desk Worker during the times the center is open in person (Learning Commons, 2nd Floor RBD Library) or via phone at 334-844-5702
  • NOTE: A no-show fee will be placed on your student account if you arrive over 10-minutes late for your appointment.


(Student who walks in without having an appointment)

  • Study Partners welcomes walk-ins, but they are seen on a first come, first served basis tutor availability basis
  • Tutors are available to assist walk-ins when they are not previously scheduled for an appointment, when their appointment is cancelled, or their scheduled appointment does not show within 10 minutes of the scheduled time
  • Walk-ins are subject to tutor availability
  • Please note that appointments take precedence over walk-ins


  • Students who do NOT cancel their appointment at least 6 hours before the scheduled session OR fail to show up will automatically be charged a $10 fee to their Bursar Account for the missed appointment (“No Show”)
  • Students may appeal their No Show Fee charge and someone will be in contact with you. Appeals will NOT be taken at the desk.


  • Cancellations may be made at least 6 hours in advance online on Advise Assist, via phone (334-844-5702), via email (, or in person (Study Partners Desk)

Additional Assistance:

  • Students are encouraged to find a tutor in Study Partners that best fits their personality and/or learning style (students are encouraged to ask the Study Partners desk worker for assistance in finding an alternative tutor)
  • Every attempt will be made to meet student needs. If Study Partners cannot meet those needs, we will assist in linking students with other resources when possible and as appropriate.

We need continual help from students using our tutoring service to identify ways we can improve our program. Please help by evaluating our service online here.

Study Partners: Providing support to Auburn University students with integrity, skill, and understanding for almost 50 years!