Study Partners Employment

The peer tutoring service provided by Study Partners is valuable and well utilized at Auburn University. Our tutors have previously earned an A or high B in each class they tutor, and truly enjoy assisting students in improving their ability to become independent learners.  If this describes you, we look forward to receiving your completed application and two letters of recommendation.

Study Partners annually employs 80-100 tutors, and 5-10 desk workers. If you are interested in working at Study Partners, please print and complete one of the applications available using a link below. Applications are actively accepted throughout the year, but are regularly reviewed the 10th day of each month.

Submit completed applications in one of the following ways to Ms. Tamara Bowden, SP Coordinator:

-Email to:

-Mail to: 0176 RBD Library Auburn University, AL 36849

-Deliver to: 0176 RBD Library (ground floor) Academic Support Suite
Office: 0176F
Mailbox: 0176 RBD Library

Study Partners’ Hiring Procedures


For quick reference please refer to the steps below designed to clarify the hiring process. Potential employees will not be considered for a job in Study Partners until a completed application and two rec letters have been submitted.


Complete an application and submit it to the Academic Support Suite (ground floor RBD Library).
c/o Ms. Tamara Bowden, SP Coordinator (0176 RBD Library, 334.844.4388, Tutors please list all classes you are willing to tutor by including the full class code (i.e. MATH 1000).


TWO recommendation letters are required. Recommendations are to be requested by the potential employee (that’s YOU!). Letters may be submitted via email to: Ms. Tamara Miller Bowden ( OR hard copy to: Ms. Bowden (0176F RBD Library, Auburn University, AL, 36849).


As an open tutoring or desk worker position becomes available, selected candidates will be contacted via email by the Study Partners Coordinator. These potential employees are asked to meet in person for 45-60 minutes with one or more members of the supervisory team. Attire is student casual unless the potential employee prefers to wear something more formal.

STEP 4: MOCK INTERVIEW REQUEST (this step is not always requested)

On occasion potential employees will be asked to come back a second time to conduct a 30-50 minute “mock tutoring session,” used to assess the potential employee’s ability to communicate necessary curriculum material.


If and when a student is hired by Study Partners they will then need to follow-up with Ms. Sandy Mason, Academic Support Administrative Associate (, 0176A RBD Library, Academic Support Suite), to set up an in person meeting to complete the necessary paperwork allowing them to be placed on Auburn University’s payroll.  All employees are required by law to bring an ORIGINAL Social Security card OR current Passport, and a current Driver’s License OR other form of picture ID (other than their AU Tigercard) to their meeting. AU Payroll paperwork is easily completed in approximately 15 minutes. For direct deposit purposes, each new employee is required to enter their personal bank info into Tiger i.


All undergraduate student employees of Study Partners earn between $7.25 and $9.00/hour depending upon the length of time working in the program and/or their positive performance reviews.


During Fall and Spring semesters, each Study Partners’ staff member is required to attend a minimum of 12 paid hours of training to help complete tutor and/or desk worker certification.  Each new employee is also required to attend a new tutor and/or desk worker orientation as well as to shadow other staff members in an effort to help them improve their skill set. Additionally, tutors and desk workers are periodically observed during their work hours to provide opportunity for growth and development and to help improve performance. Please note that over the summer, staff training is offered on an at-needed basis.


Tutors set their own work schedule within the hours Study Partners is open.  Depending upon the course(s) tutored, staff members are assigned a maximum number of weekly work hours.Regularly, tutors work 5-15 hours/week depending on the curriculum area, the demand for tutoring in that area, and their own preference. Desk Worker hours are set by mutual agreement between the desk supervisor and employee, and hours/week vary.


Study Partners is located in the Learning Commons (2nd Floor RBD Library). Individual tutoring for Fall 2019 semester is offered Sunday 2:00pm-8:00pm, Monday & Tuesday 11:00am-8:00pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11:00am-6:00pm. Tutor work hours begin at the top of the hour and end at the top of the hour. Desk Worker hours vary due to class schedules, opening and closing duties, etc. The first day of tutoring for Fall 2019 is September 3rd, and the last day of fall tutoring will be on December 5th. During the fall and spring semesters Study Partners is closed on Friday and Saturday.