Academic Support Office of the Provost

Make an Appointment

Canceling an appointment can be done in two ways, online on the Advise Assist portal or by calling the Study Partners desk at (334)844-5702.

Study Partners only allows students to make appointments two weeks in advance. If it shows that there are no available times after the two week period, that does not mean that those dates are booked for the entire semester. Please check back regularly for appointments to become available.

**Please note: Study Partners does NOT allow back-to-back individual appointments or same day appointments for the same course.**

If you are a second degree student, you must contact the desk in order to make an appointment. Call 334-844-5702 or visit the desk in the Learning Commons located on the 2nd floor of the RBD Library.

Study Partners doesn’t offer tutoring for one of your courses? Request it using our Request Course Form!

Can’t make an appointment with Study Partners? Try the Private Tutoring List

If you are unable to make an appointment due to a message that states you have had three or more no-shows, you will need to meet with the Study Partners’ Coordinator to clear your “No-show counter.” The Coordinator can be contacted at