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Study Smart: Academic Boot Camp

Fall 2018: Wednesdays, September 12th – November 14th in 0176 RBD Library

Study Smart is a non-credit, 10-week* program for suspended students that aims to provide strategies to enculturate into the collegiate environment and help students learn what they must do in order to be academically successful.

The course guides students through an exploration of their responsibilities, motivation, self-awareness, and tools to maintain success. By using activities, didactic discussions, group work, writing exercises, and a variety of projects linking students to Auburn University, Study Smart seeks to reconnect students to the collegiate climate more prepared and skilled to meet their personal goals. Students will be challenged to explore what they want for themselves and from college, what they are willing to do to achieve their personal dreams, and how they can persevere in the future.


*8-week program for Summer