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About Study Smart

About the Program:

Study Smart aims to provide tools and strategies that foster academic success at Auburn University. Students will meet once per week, over a 10-week (7-week for summer) period, for 90-minute online class sessions. Using the On course: Study skills plus edition (3rd edition) as a guide, Study Smart covers a variety of topics related to academic and personal achievement such as:

  • Getting On Course to Your Success
  • Accepting Personal Responsibility
  • Discovering Self-Motivation
  • Mastering Self-Management
  • Employing Interdependence
  • Gaining Self-Awareness
  • Adopting Lifelong Learning
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Staying On Course to Your Success

Cost: Students must pay $150.00 for registration fees. Instructions for paying this fee will be given during the registration appointment. Additional materials are also required for the course such as the textbook and an organization system (binder, notebook, folder) to keep up with class session notes and course documents. Instructions for purchasing these materials will be sent out to students once their registration has been processed.

Grading: Study Smart is a non-credit, Pass/Fail course. Students must earn 80% of the total points available to pass. All course assignments must be completed for a student to be eligible to receive a passing grade.

Student Eligibility:

Study Smart is designed for students on suspension at Auburn University. Enrolled students and students who have previously taken Study Smart are not eligible.

Students who have been suspended for the second time at the end of the Spring semester must wait until the Fall semester to participate in the program.

Meet your Instructor & Graduate Leader:

Headshot of Allison Stadler

Allison Stadler, M.Ed.

Coordinator, Outreach & Special Programs

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Kaylee Short

Graduate Assistant, Outreach & Special Programs