Academic Support Office of the Provost

How to Register

To Register: Students must make a one-on-one online appointment with the instructor before they can be registered for the course. These appointments will be hosted through Zoom and are available from January 3 – January 20. Students may call (334) 844-5972 to schedule their appointment. As appointments are provided on a first come, first served basis when the instructor is available, students are encouraged to schedule their appointment as early as possible.

During the appointment, the instructor will work with the student to ensure the student meets the eligibility criteria required for the course, cover the structure and expectations for the course, highlight the benefits of participating in the course, and provide instructions for paying the registration fee.

Please note that completing an appointment does NOT automatically enroll the student in Study Smart. As per the instructions provided in the appointment, students must pay the registration fee on the designated date in order to be officially enrolled in the course.

Student Eligibility:

Study Smart is designed for students on suspension at Auburn University. Enrolled students and students who have previously taken Study Smart are not eligible.

Students must complete a one-on-one virtual appointment with the instructor and pay the one-time program fee during the published registration dates in order to join Study Smart. Appointment requests and/or fee submissions after the registration dates will not be accepted.

Students who have been suspended for the second time at the end of the Spring semester must wait until the Fall semester to participate in the program.