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Supplemental Instruction

SI Leaders will continue to support their assigned courses, but through an amended approach relying mostly on email and Zoom. SI Leaders are expected to attend the online delivery of courses as they would on campus. SI support is unique to the course and SI Leader. Therefore, enrolled students should check the Canvas messages and emails for updates and details about how and where to connect with their SI Leader. Whatever the format, SI support will continue its focus on helping students gain content mastery while strengthening skills and strategies for succeeding in the current context, as well as offering peer connections during this time of distance learning.

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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a non-remedial approach to helping students gain content mastery, make peer connections, and develop skills for academic success.

SI offers free, active-review sessions facilitated by SI Leaders for targeted classes with high rates of student withdrawals and grades of D or F. SI Leaders are undergraduate students who excelled in that course in a previous semester. They attend all class lectures, take notes, and plan for how to maximize the benefit of the SI session time.

When a class is supported by SI, access to the SI sessions is open and encouraged for ALL students, regardless of their background knowledge in the subject. SI sessions are generally held twice a week in the late afternoon or evening. SI sessions are not class, and the SI Leader is not a teacher. SI sessions provide a relaxed, peer-to-peer environment, and are optional to attend.

During SI sessions, students engage in active learning to improve retention, discuss complex topics, and prepare for tests. Students who regularly attend SI sessions usually gain better study habits, stronger connections with other Auburn students, and improved grades.

Every semester, the Supplemental Instruction program hires undergraduate students at Auburn to serve as SI Leaders.

Find the SI office in Haley 2238. You are welcome to stop by to learn more!

Spring 2020 SI sessions begin January 21 and end April 23