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About SI


Launched in 1996 at AU, Supplemental Instruction (SI) has a long tradition of contributing to students’ success. The SI program at AU is informed by the international program model. SI Leaders facilitate free and optional, reoccurring weekly, active-review sessions for targeted classes at AU with high rates (%) of student withdrawals and earned grades of D or F.

All students are encouraged to attend SI sessions, which are available for all students enrolled in the SI-supported class. This invitation to all students is regardless of students’ background knowledge in the subject or current performance in the class. SI session times and formats for the semester are informed by students’ availability, which is surveyed the first week of each semester.

Keep in mind that SI sessions are not class, and the SI Leader is not a teacher. Instead, SI sessions are an optional, relaxed, peer-to-peer environment and SI Leaders are undergraduate students who excelled in that course in a previous semester. SI Leaders are hired every semester to attend all class lectures, take notes, and plan SI sessions.

SI sessions may take place in person or via Zoom. Students can review Canvas and their AU email for information from the SI Leader assigned to the class to learn more about session times, relevant links, and what to expect.

Meet the Auburn SI Leadership Team

Headshot of Lauren Lavender

Lauren Lavender

Lead Peer Mentor

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Major: Neuroscience and Biomedical Sciences

“Through attending SI sessions and becoming an SI Leader myself, I have been able to see my confidence as a student evolve as I practice collaborating with others and engaging in meaningful discussions all while reviewing course material. SI goes so far beyond simply reinforcing content and has helped me develop skills I will take with me for the rest of my time here at Auburn and in my future career.”

Headshot of Elizabeth Ledbetter

Elizabeth Ledbetter

Lead Peer Mentor

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Major: Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience

SI is such a tangible way to connect with and aid students. Attending SI sessions gave me the opportunity to connect with other students in my classes while becoming an SI strengthened my confidence in communication and provided real life skills I will take with me after Auburn. The environment that SI promotes goes beyond just reviewing the course material and is a valuable experience both as an attendee and a leader.

Headshot of Elizabeth Weidl from Headshots taken on August 23, 2022.

Elizabeth Weidl

Lead Peer Mentor

Hometown: Colfax, NC

Major: Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Business Engineering Technology

“SI has been an integral part of my life the past two years. It has provided me important skills for the workplace, friends for life, and an opportunity to learn more about how to better myself as a student. I am so thankful that I am able to be a SI Leader at Auburn University!!!”