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About SI


SI is an international program model that has proven to be successful at varying institutions for more than four decades and is currently employed at over 3,000 institutions around the world. Some essential elements of SI:

  1. SI sessions are peer facilitated – The primary function of the SI Leader is to facilitate critical thinking and discussion among SI participants through the use of active learning strategies. The SI Leader neither re-lectures nor introduces new material. Processing course material and answering questions remains the responsibility of the students themselves.
  2. SI sessions integrate content and learning strategies – “How to learn” is embedded into SI sessions along with “what to learn.” Through practice and mastery of effective learning strategies, students can adopt and transfer these strategies to other subjects and content areas.
  3. Regularly scheduled sessions – Auburn SI sessions are generally twice a week at a recurring day and time. There are extended review sessions available prior to test dates. Students should attend SI sessions on a voluntary basis.
  4. SI targets courses rather than students – SI is not a remedial approach. It provides a change in the learning environment for students enrolled in a class identified as historically difficult. SI sessions work best with diverse groups of students, and participating students have been shown to receive higher measures of academic achievement in comparison to their non-participating peers.

Adapted from UMKC SI Handbook


SI has a long tradition of contributing to students’ success at Auburn University. Established at the institution in 1996, SI has served tens of thousands of students.

Over 5,600 undergraduate students attended Auburn SI sessions in fall 2017; totaling more than 21,600 visits. That semester, SI attendees earned an average final grade in their SI-supported course that was .51 (half-letter grade) higher than students who did not attend SI sessions. Students who attended more than 10 SI sessions for the class earned an average final grade that was .79 higher than peers who did not attend.

SI is currently supporting courses in the following departments: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, History, Math, Physics, and Auburn Global.

SI sessions are generally held twice a week for 1.5 hours. Students should check their syllabus and Canvas for any information about the SI Leader assigned to the class as well as session times, location, and information.


Still not sure if your class is supported by SI? Bring your schedule to Haley 2238 and ask!