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What is active learning?

Active learning requires participation from the learner. Active learning engages participants in listening, speaking, and doing, in order to build knowledge and increase the capacity to learn. This is why SI Leaders are facilitators, not teachers. SI Leaders encourage participants to think, work, and talk through content in order to make meaning of difficult content. During an SI session, students should be working through the most difficult material from the course – the concepts that benefit from the presence and perspective of others.

Which classes are supported by SI?

Currently, the following departments include courses supported by Supplemental Instruction:







Auburn Global

For a list of current class sections and SI session times, click here.

What can I expect at a SI session?

SI is rooted in active learning and social interaction. Students should come ready to participate in the session.

What to Expect When You Come to SI

What are some resources for additional help?

The Auburn University Office of Academic Support provides additional resources for students who want to improve their academic performance. Study Partners offers free tutoring for a variety of courses, and Academic Coaching  assists students with foundational study skills.

Some departments on campus also offer tutoring for their subjects. The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering offers tutoring for some of its courses, and the College of Sciences and Mathematics has a drop-in center that offers free tutoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

Additionally, for written projects, the Miller Writing Center provides free consultations for all types of writing.

Are SI Leaders paid?

The pay rate for SI Leaders is $9 an hour for 9 hours a week. This includes attending class, planning for sessions, and facilitating sessions.

How does one become a SI Leader?

The SI Leader position is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students to develop knowledge and skills while serving others. If you have a 3.0 GPA and are interested in helping your peers, come by the office in Haley 2238 or submit a completed application at anytime.

To learn more about becoming an SI Leader, click here.

What can I expect at an SI session?

In Fall 2020, SI sessions will take place 3 times a week via Zoom. Each session will have a different structure – planned group work with cameras on, planned practice or discussion with cameras off, or unplanned question & answer style.