Academic Support Office of the Provost

SI Sessions Offered

SI sessions for spring 2023 will begin Wednesday, January 25 and end Thursday, April 27. SI session times are decided based on the responses to an availability survey administered the first week of classes and the finalized schedule will be published two weeks into the semester. The QR code below provides secure access to the AU Involve SI Session Page that includes the most up-to-date session details.

If your class is SI-supported, your SI Leader will occasionally send messages to you via Canvas to alert you to the opportunity for SI. Those messages include an introduction of the SI Leader, the session availability survey, SI session times/location details, instructions on how to access the session, and a link to the Box folder for that specific SI-supported class. Each SI Box folder is where SI Leaders post updates and information about sessions most regularly. You can access this resource at any time during the semester.