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  • 100% of students who attended Midterm Prep workshops agreed that the information was delivered in a clear and structured manner.

  • The Office of Academic Support gave 31 presentations and study skill workshops in fall 2017, resulting in contact with approximately 1,256 undergraduate students

  • The top five requested areas to discuss for Academic Coaching are: time management, test preparation, note-taking, study strategies, and textbook reading.

  • 100% of all respondents for the “end of experience” coaching survey agreed that they were presented with useful information, tools, and skill suggestions to assist in improving their grades.

  • 93% of all students who attend an Academic Coaching Intake appointment return for ongoing coaching sessions.

Office of Academic Support & Academic Coaching Visits

0176 RBD Library
Auburn University, Alabama
36849 USA
TEL: (334) 844-5972
FAX: (334) 844-3856

Main Office:


Study Partners (peer-tutoring) Check-in Desk

Learning Commons
2nd Floor RBD Library
Auburn University, Alabama
36849 USA
TEL: (334) 844-5702

Study Partners Desk:


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program Office

2238 Haley
351 W Thach Concourse
Auburn University, Alabama
36849 USA
TEL: (334) 844-5911