Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus

August 6-15, 2018

In collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University’s Office of Academic Support offers Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus. This exclusive opportunity provides incoming first-year students the chance to review pre-calculus topics needed to be successful in their courses at Auburn University. In addition, Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus acclimates you to the rigors of the Auburn University environment. You will interact with Auburn faculty, staff, and current undergraduate students to aid in your transition, give you a head start on your success at Auburn, and build a learning community with fellow first-year students.


To be eligible for Plainsmen’s Prep you MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Score under a 26 on the ACT/ 600 on the Math SAT
  • Test into Math 1000, 1120/1130 or Math 1150
  • In a major that requires Calculus I (MATH 1610) for degree progress

NOTE: Because of conflicting schedules, students are not eligible to participate in both Plainsmen’s Prep and sorority recruitment/band camp

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