About Plainsmen's Prep

Plainsmen’s Prep: A Bridge to Calculus
August 7-16, 2017

  • Provide students with more than thirty hours on fundamental pre-calculus concepts that are the keys to success in Calculus I. The concepts covered are based on faculty observation of problems commonly experienced by students in Auburn University.
  • Familiarize students to with the college-learning environment including: the lecture format, classroom technology, faculty expectations, college-level exams, and faculty evaluation
  • Aid in the transition to Auburn University by developing relationships and community building with other first year students.  Students will be provided extracurricular activities that encourage community building and socialization with other incoming first year students.
  • Develop relationships with peer leaders who are successful Auburn University students. Through Supplemental Instruction, participants will gain an understanding of good study techniques and study skills, and participate in collaborative learning activities designed to enhance learning and improve student performance.
  • Provide Academic Success workshops and programs that will address common topics relevant to first-year student success. These workshops will be interactive and focus on common academic skills such as time management, etc.
  • More than 30 hours on pre-calculus concepts developed and taught by Auburn Mathematics faculty
  • Curriculum based on Auburn mathematics faculty experiences and observations of most needed information for success at Auburn
  • Academic Support facilitates Supplemental Instruction (small group study sessions) for participants based on curriculum led by successful undergraduate students
  • Academic Support Services facilitates workshops and programs on academic success topics (e.g., time management, study skills, etc.)
    Math placement exam offered upon completion
  • Introduces you to lecture format, classroom technology, faculty expectations, college-level exams, and instructor evaluations of student performance
  • Helps you gain an understanding of good study techniques and skills
    Provides collaborative learning activities to enhance learning and improve your performance
  • Gives you a good foundation to be successful at Auburn
  • Connects you to other incoming first-year students
  • Helps you get to know Auburn’s campus
  • Provides you continued support from current undergraduate students and Auburn faculty and staff
  • $25 to cover meals each day
  • T-shirt & Giveaways
  • 30+ hours of instruction time
  • Academic Success Workshops
  • Program Materials (textbook, program notebook, etc.)
  • Community Building Activities (AU Challenge Course, etc)
  • Cost for evening entertainment (Admission to off campus bowling, pizza party, admission to off campus laser tag facility, etc)
  • Early Move-in to Fall Housing Assignment

$700 plus $90 charged on Bursar’s account for early move-in from University Housing and Residence Life if on-campus student. The $90 charge does not apply to students planning to live off-campus.

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