Supplemental Instruction’s Employment

Supplemental Instruction (SI) employs over 80 SI Leaders each semester to hold review sessions for specific courses. If you are an excellent student, enjoy learning, and are enthusiastic about helping others achieve their academic goals, we look forward to receiving your completed application and two professor recommendation letters.

We begin accepting applications for the upcoming semester near the midterm of the current semester. If you are interested in a position with SI, please review the following qualifications and responsibilities before you apply.


In order to apply to be a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Earn an “A” or “B” in the course they are applying for
  • Maintain a 3.0 (or higher) cumulative GPA
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be punctual in responding to e-mails and returning paperwork
  • Provide two faculty recommendation letters
  • Complete SI training (before the semester begins)


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders attend class, communicate with their professors, prepare activities for their review sessions, and lead 1–3 sessions per week.

SI Leaders are paid for eight hours of work each week, during which they attend class, plan for sessions, and hold sessions. There are distinct responsibilities that SI Leaders are expected to fulfill in each of these areas.

Attending Class

SI Leaders are expected to be model students and exemplify excellence in the classroom. Some of their responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend all classes (except test days) and take notes
  • Discuss course-related questions and insights with the professor
  • Listen to the students to find out if there is a group struggle that could be addressed in review sessions
Planning for Sessions

In order to hold effective review sessions, SI Leaders are expected to prepare beforehand. With their planning hours, SI Leaders do the following:

  • Read/work through any assignments given to the students
  • Make a lesson plan of how the session will work
  • Prepare any materials (such as handouts, presentations, practice problems, or games) that will be used in the session
  • Upload session materials and agendas to the SI database
Holding Sessions

SI Leaders are expected to hold their sessions consistently and to guide students through the review activities. In doing so, SI Leaders are expected to accomplish the following:

  • Record attendance
  • Promote students’ understanding of the subject matter
  • Encourage active participation
  • Create a comfortable and informal environment
  • Encourage students to teach other students
  • Encourage questions and attempts, even if they result in mistakes
  • Never simply lecture (although some general overview may be beneficial)
General Responsibilities

In addition to the previously mentioned responsibilities, SI Leaders are expected to respond to e-mails in a timely manner, stay in touch with the SI Supervisors, and attend mandatory Sunday afternoon trainings periodically throughout the semester.


Supplemental Instruction provides opportunities for SI Leaders to gain work experience, hone their communication skills, and develop relationships with professors, students, and other SI Leaders. SI Leaders gain the following benefits:

  • Public speaking experience
  • Leadership experience
  • Competitive resumes
  • Opportunities to help others
  • Great review for professional exams (such as the MCAT, PCAT, and GRE)
  • Relationships with professors (letters of recommendation)
  • Priority 2 registration

Number of Paid Hours

SI Leaders work for 8 hours each week and are paid $8.25 per hour. Trainings occur monthly (for about two hours on Sunday afternoons) and are additional paid hours.

Each week the SI Leader will clock in for these periods of time:
3 Hours = Attending the class
3 Hours = Holding sessions
2 Hours = Planning for sessions
Leaders clock in and out on Kronos machines or at

Still Interested?

We begin accepting applications for the upcoming semester near the midterm of the current semester. If you are interested in becoming an SI Leader, download the SI Leader Application by clicking on the link below and request two (2) letters of recommendation from either faculty members or employers. Please have the application and two recommendation letters submitted to the SI Coordinator at


Note: Make sure to download and save the file before e-mailing the completed application.

If you have never been to an SI session, we encourage you to attend one before you apply. If you need advice about which one to attend, feel free to e-mail the SI Supervisors at or the SI Coordinator at

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